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It Happens: Woman Receives Driver’s License With Photo Of Empty Chair

After recently renewing her driver’s license online, Tennessee woman Jade Todd was shocked when she received a new license in the mail with a photo of an empty chair. Me? I would have just assumed I’ve been invisible all along. How it happened:

“When the customer visited the Driver Services Center a few years ago, during the transaction, an examiner made an error by capturing and saving the wrong photo (of an empty chair) to the customer’s profile. When the customer recently renewed her driver license online, she received an image of a chair because that was the last picture taken on file. When the Department was made aware of her situation, we immediately made things right with the customer and provided her with a license with her actual photo and have addressed this situation internally.”

Mystery solved. Personally I wouldn’t have even bothered contacting the DMV, I would have just kept the license and brought a chair with me every time I went to buy beer. “But this one’s red…” DAMMIT, I WAS REUPHOLSTERED.

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