Just offer him a beer!
Japan Zoo Uses Worker In Bear Costume To Practice Escaped Animal Drill

This is a video from the Hitachi City Kamine Zoo in Japan of the staff practicing an escaped animal drill, with a man in a bear costume playing the role of escaped animal. I assume he’s supposed to be a bear, but the way he’s acting he could really be any animal high on drugs.

The drill was conducted on the assumption that an earthquake registering a full 7 on the 7-point Japanese seismic intensity scale occurred, breaking a glass window in the display area and allowing a bear to escape from its enclosure. Participants drove a zoo employee dressed in a bear costume into a corner using nets and vehicles, and fired a tranquilizer gun. After confirming that the collapsed fake bear did not move, they returned it to its enclosure.

Okay, so he was supposed to be a bear, it wasn’t just a case of renting the only animal costume that the costume store had left. Good to know. Regardless, I just started a GoFundMe to get this guy some acting lessons before the next drill, because I’ve seen more convincing bears in the reptile house.