Oh I'm right there with you, Hosico.
Man Documents The Start Of Trying To Teach His Chubby Cat To Walk On A Treadmill

Exercise: LOL. And apparently Hosico the Scottish Straight cat here feels the same way as his owner unsuccessfully tries to teach him to walk on a treadmill to burn some off some of that baby weight. Although Hosico is actually six years old now so I’m not sure we can really call that baby weight anymore, or I still have like 30 extra pounds of baby weight. According to the Purina cat age calculator I just used, a six year old cat is like 40 in human years. Those are middle-age pounds! Maybe he’s going through a mid-life crisis and drinking a lot of cat beer. I remember my mid-life crisis. I was twenty, and *checking watch* time is ticking. “That’s a slap bracelet.” Haha, the truth is my time ran out a long time ago, but God doesn’t want me and the devil’s afraid I’ll just play with his tail.