Haha, sucker! I'm freeeeeeeeee!
Man Opens Plane Window To Take Photo: Camera Gets Sucked Out

Because rocket science isn’t for everyone, this is a video of a man attempting to take a photo from a plane by opening a small window for a clearer view and getting the camera sucked out of his hands into the wild blue yonder. I don’t know, next time maybe just take the photo through the window instead? You’re not Ansel Adams, your blurry photo of blue and brown wasn’t going up in a gallery. I like how his buddy sitting behind him pats him on the back afterwards and the rest of his friends all laugh at him. Being laughed at by my friends — I know that feeling. I always try to tell myself they’re laughing with me and not at me, but it’s really hard to ignore all the finger pointing and name calling.

Thanks to JustA, who agrees he really should have put that wrist strap to good use.