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Man Records Progress Planking Every Day For 30 Days

Because all it takes is putting in the time and effort and holding yourself accountable (alternatively, just buying the fat-burning snake oil I’m selling), this is a video of Youtuber Billy Brendan recording himself planking every day over the course of a month to document his exercise and weight-loss journey. He begins at 238-pounds and 31% body fat, and ends at 214-pounds and 26.9% body fat. Impressive! Did Billy change anything else about his lifestyle during that time too? I mean I would assume he changed his diet too in order to lose that much weight. Because I planked several times when that was the cool internet thing to do and I didn’t lose any weight. My Facebook photos documenting all my zany planks didn’t get any likes either. Then I eat a few Tide Pods and all of a sudden my whole friends list is liking my videos and cheering me on to try eating more at once. *shrug* I blame Facebook’s algorithms.