Heck yeah, bomb that black hole!
Man Sitting On Skateboard Takes Thrill Ride Through Steep Drain Pipe

This is a video of “movement artist” ModernTarzan (aka Nicholas Coolridge) taking a break from swinging from the tree tops to ride a skateboard through a sewer pipe, ending in a dry water runoff/makeshift skatepark where a friend tries to matador him with a flannel shirt and everyone cheers like he just landed on the moon. Admittedly, that does look fun. Knowing my luck though, the pipe I’d choose to ride would end at the top of a dam, and I still have a lot of wrongs to right before St. Peter would even consider listening to an appeal.

@moderntarzan This was wiiiillllldddd!!!!! 😱 #freerollercoaster #betterthancoffee ♬ original sound – Nicholas Coolridge💠