Well it's no Death Star, but it'll have to do.
Mansion Inspired By Darth Vader’s Helmet For Sale In Houston

This is the Sotheby’s listing for the colloquially known ‘Darth Vader House’ for sale in Houston, Texas. The house was built in 1992 for Dr. Jean Cukier, who, when deciding to have a custom home built “grabbed a piece of paper and drew it himself. Cukier loved Star Wars so he took architectural inspiration from Darth Vader’s helmet.” The rest is real estate history. And now the 7,000-square foot, 4-bedroom, 5-bath home at 3201 University Boulevard can be yours for the low, low price of $4,300,000. As you can see, the exterior of the home vaguely resembles Vader’s helmet, and the interior kind of resembles Vader’s meditation chamber if Vader regularly threw all-night cocaine orgies. We should offer $3,500,000.