We got both kinds, we got country and western!
Country Music Cover Of The Star Wars Cantina Song

This is a video of Norwegian musician Ramblin’ Rogers (I didn’t know Norwegians rambled at all) playing a country cover of ‘Mad About Mad About Me’ (aka ‘The Cantina Song’), made intergalactically famous by Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes in the original Star Wars movie. He doesn’t really change the song much, just the instrumentation, playing a banjo, lap steel guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums instead of a gasan string drum, Dorenian beshniquel, fanfar, ommni box, bandfill, and kloo horn. You can tell I really did my Google research for this one. In Rogers’ own ramblin’:

Star Wars goes country and western. I needed to be a little silly. I hope someone gets a giggle out of it – We need more silly AND more giggling. Well, gotta mosey!

Well he’s certainly right about that — we DO need more silly and giggling in the world. Just, you know, not at my penis. Anybody else’s is still fair game though.