And you didn't name him Venom?!
Mochi The St. Bernard Takes World Record For Longest Dog Tongue

This is a Guinness World Record video highlighting the tongue of a St. Bernard named Mochi, who was just awarded the record for longest dog tongue. You may recall the recently posted record holder for largest circumference human female tongue. It’s a world record tongue kind of week. Next week: ears!

Mo is resilient, comical, loving and eternally grateful and loyal to us – her forever family. This once abused and neglected pup has taught us that it’s okay to be different. We are proud of her unique feature… Officially measured by a vet at 18.58 cm (7.3 in) – the equivalent of two-and-a-half Jenga blocks in a row – Mochi’s was verified as the Longest tongue on a dog (current).

7.3-inches? It looks longer than that to me. Regardless, I bet that tongue can really do some damage to a glass patio door. Why do dogs lick windows anyways? “The same reason you do.” To taste the other side?! PROTIP: don’t lick the car window passing a paper factory.