I just wanna live in the after pics.
Neural Network Renders Landscape Photos In The Style Of 3 Anime Directors

This is a video of Rasul Hasan providing a tutorial for how to use the AnimeGAN2 neural network to render real-life photos into anime-like scenes. In this case, Rasul trained the neural network with data sets from the movies of directors Hayao Miyazaki, Makoto Shinkai, and Satoshi Kon. Like working out and eating right for a coupe months, the results are impressive. Unfortunately, unless you’re really here to learn how to do this yourself, the video is a technical tutorial and not just pretty before-and-after photos like I would have liked. I mean I’m not trying to enter the Matrix here, I’m just looking for some eye candy. Speaking of– “Pixie sticks in your eyes is a no-go.” Shit burns!

Keep going for the video, but the first thirty seconds and last minute are really what you came for.