Seriously though, great job hiding the wires.
Video Of New World Record 1,002 Jenga Blocks Stacked On A Single Vertical Piece

Dream it, and you can achieve it. They aren’t words that I live by anymore, but it is advice I dispense every opportunity I get for those who haven’t become jaded and given up hope yet. Not too long ago I thought stacking 518 Jenga pieces on top of a single vertical piece was surely impossible, but now Youtuber and stacker of things MENGA has constructed a 1,002-piece Jenga tower atop a single vertical piece. For reference, my record is seven pieces before I lost interest, kicked the small tower over, then went outside and crawled in a storm sewer to hang out with my raccoon friends. Oh the times we’ve had! They hiss and scratch and bite and I run and throw food behind me and cry.

Keep going for the video, which ends with the tower’s destruction, as it should (take note, block stackers).