My God I just want to give it an elbow drop so bad.
They Said It Couldn’t Be Done: Guy Stacks 518 Jenga Blocks On A Single Vertical Piece

Note: Obviously this isn’t the whole stack, keep going for a full photo, complete with tiny plastic chair on top.

Dare to dream, folks, dare to dream. This is a shot of the aftermath of Jenga stacker Madlad trying hard and believing in himself at such max levels he was able to balance 518 Jenga blocks on a single vertical piece. For reference, a regular Jenga set has 54 blocks, so this is basically nine and a half sets balanced on a single stick. That is impressive. Maybe not as impres– “If this is the detachable thumb trick again, I’m going to stab you.” Honey! “What?” You’re supposed to be my biggest supporter.