So as you can see down there is a whole bunch of hell no.
Nope: Man Ventures Down 600-Foot Shaft Of Abandoned, Partially Collapsed Silver Mine

Because some people have made a hobby out of pissing into the wind, this is a video of Youtuber Abandoned And Forgotten Places exploring the significantly collapsed ruins of the Sterling Mine in Nevada. The mine, which was in operation from 1937 – 1943, produced some $3-million of silver during the period and was at one point Nevada’s most productive mine. Now? Now it’s a terrifying, 600-foot deep vertical shaft/hell-hole just waiting to collapse some more and swallow you up. But did that stop this intrepid explorer for checking out every nook and cranny? No it did not. Truthfully, the video, albeit incredibly anxiety-inducing at times, is very well shot and this guy really knows his stuff about mines. It’s an hour and a half long though so I do recommend skipping around unless you’re really into this sort of thing or have already watched all of Netflix. I especially liked the part where he stumbles across the honeypot (~01:01:30) and looked inside to see if “there any nuggets hiding inside.” Then I googled what a honeypot was and found out it was a makeshift shitter. I decided that was a good time to close the video.