Supper's ready!
Pouring Out A Carnivorous Pitcher Plant After It’s Eaten A Mouse

This is a video of Damian from California Carnivores pouring out a hybrid Nepenthes pitcher plant (Nepenthes truncata x Nepenthes lowii) that caught and digested a small rodent, likely a mouse. In the wilds of Borneo, Nepenthes lowii produces a substance that attracts tree shrews, which come and eat the substance and then poop in the pitcher, providing the plant with nutrients. But when crossed with the larger Nepenthes truncata, you now have a pitcher large enough to digest any small animals that fall into it, like poor Mickey here. I only wish I’d been there when they filmed the video so I could have offered to chug that pitcher for ten bucks, twenty if I’m not allowed to puke immediately after.