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I’m With The Church: Praying Mantis Triggers Ring Doorbell Cam

This is a Nest doorbell cam video from the Maryland home of Betsy Mahaffey See, who received a phone notification in the night that somebody was detected at the door. I like how the mantis nibbles on its foot a little bit before providing a closeup of its abdomen, that was a creepy touch. “Hubba hubba!” Dammit, Zorak. You know I actually spotted a praying mantis on my back patio a few days ago, and, yes, I did try tossing a few bugs near it but it never attacked any of them even though I had my phone out recording. It’s like it knew I was trying to exploit nature. Oooooor was frightened there was a giant just a foot away pointing a camera at its alien head yelling ‘Get it! Eat that bastard’s brains! Do it for the Gram!’

Thanks to MSA, who agrees the best thing to see on your doorbell cam has been and always will be a pizza delivery.