Looks lonely down there.
Rare 30-Foot Long Phantom Jellyfish Captured On Video

Narrated by nature knight Sir David Attenborough (I say we just king him already), this is a clip from National Geographic’s ‘Hunt For The Giant Squid’. In the video, researchers in a submersible off the coast of Antarctica discover a rarely seen giant phantom jellyfish at a depth of around 500-meters (about a 1/3 of a mile). The giant jellyfish has rarely been seen alive, so capturing one on film was a big deal for them. Stygiomedusa gigantea can grow up to 30-feet long with a bell 3-feet across, and its long ribbon-like arms don’t have stingers, so it’s unclear how it uses them to catch prey. That’s crazy. Just as crazy? The people sitting in a tin can 500-meters deep in pitch blackness looking for a squid. That takes a special kind of person. Same goes for being an astronaut.