What? I always strap myself to my office chair.
State Senator Attends Zoom Meeting While Driving W/ Unconvincing Office Background

This is a video of Ohio District 19 (which has never won the Hunger Games) state senator Andrew Brenner attending an Ohio Controlling Board Zoom meeting while driving. He starts the meeting parked, but then switches his background to a shot of his home office and starts driving. The horrible superimposing gives it away. Plus, you know, the seatbelt. Aaaaand the fact he’e obviously driving. Did I mention Ohio lawmakers had introduced a distracted driving bill JUST HOURS BEFORE, with the intention of banning motorists from using any electronic device for non-navigational purposes while driving? Because they did do that. And while I’m sure Andrew probably applauds himself for being a multi-tasker, if this is any example of the quality of his decision making and I lived in Ohio’s District 19, I’d be demanding a recount/public tar-and-feathering right about now.