Rinkside Party Zone?! Count me in!
Something’s Not Right Here: Zamboni Catches Fire While Resurfacing Ice Rink

Seen here looking like it ran over a body, this is a video of a Zamboni resurfacing the ice at Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex at Monroe Community College’s campus in upstate New York when it decides it’s had enough of its cold lifestyle and catches fire. Impressively, the operator manages to drive the flaming machine off the ice and extinguish it instead of yelling “Abandon ship! Every man for himself!” and jumping off, letting the Zamboni crash through a penalty box. That would have made for a much better video though, just so we’re clear.

Keep going for the video while I speculate what the new lines on the ice mean for hockey.

Thanks to to Richard K, who agrees that Zamboni has probably always dreamed of raking the sand traps on a tropical golf course somewhere.