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Son Asked To Vacuum Car Puts Roomba In Trunk

Because teenage laziness knows no human bounds, this is a video captured by a mother who asked her 15-year old son to vacuum the car. Some more info while I admit I’m a little jealous I didn’t think of this when my girlfriend asked me to vacuum her car and I had to use three extension cords to get my shop-vac to reach:

“I am an active, full-time working mom in my early 40s with 2 teenagers, a girl 17, and boy 15. I do ask my kids for help around the house so I asked my son to sweep out my trunk because we don’t have a garage and so many leaves that sit on top fall in when I lift the trunk. I do have a handheld vacuum so I just expected that’s what he would use. However, a few mins later I found my trunk open with the Roomba moving around. It was working! So I couldn’t complain and now that’s one less chore I’ll ask him to help with.”

First of all, that is not working that great, and second of all, what do you mean “so I couldn’t complain”?! You can absolutely complain! If robot vacuums had existed when I was growing up and I tried to pull this I guarantee I still wouldn’t be allowed to play Nintendo. Kids these days, I swear. Parents too.