Life, uh, finds a way.
Timelapse Of Monarch Butterfly Emerging From Chrysalis

I’m sure this has been documented countless times, but the process of metamorphosis never ceases to amaze me. I remember in first grade we had a monarch butterfly kit in the classroom and watched them morph from caterpillars to chrysalises (did you know when a monarch caterpillar is hanging upside down and about to enter the chrysalis stage its skin actually splits behind its head, which it then sheds, revealing its green chrysalis underneath? Sick/cool!), and eventually to butterflies, which we released in the field behind the school. Fond memories. “What about all the times you pooped your pants at school that year?” Obviously those were not fond memories, MOM. “I dropped off a gallon Zip-Lock freezer bag full of fresh underwear at the school’s office so I wouldn’t have to leave work every time he had an accident.” Alright, that’s enough. “He always used to try flushing his dirty underwear and flood the little boy’s room.” Dangit mom *dejectedly* this was supposed to be about butterflies.