But should I do squats while I'm using them?
Real Products That Exist: Skin Care Face Masks But For Your Butt

Butt masks are a real product that exists. Bawdy Butt Masks, made by DOPE Naturally (WTF is going on here?), the masks come in four varieties: BITE IT (plant based collagen, hydrating + toning), SLAP IT (caffeine infused, retexturing + detoxifying), SHAKE IT (marine algae, firming + illuminating), and SQUEEZE IT (citrus infused, brightening + rejuvenating). They cost $10 apiece on Amazon and each comes with two sheets, one for each cheek. I don’t know how I feel about that SLAP IT one though — I feel a caffeine infused mask directly on your butt is a recipe for disaster. But what do I know? I’m not a beauty expert, I’m just a man who– “Already looks like he’s wearing a butt mask.” Huh? Oh, my face. I get it. Real mature.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees if you’re not going to take care of your butt, who is?