Pfft, I'd ride any of those AND pull the restraint down as little as possible.
Trying To Overcome Roller Coaster Phobia By Going On Increasingly Intense Rides

This is a video of Tom Scott attempting to overcome what he describes as a legitimate phobia of roller coasters (veloxrotaphobia, aka coasterphobia) by riding increasingly intense attractions, from a children’s Runaway Mine Train to…THE NEMESIS. The old ‘taking the steps into the pool’ approach. Me? I just cannonball straight into the deep end, usually trying to splash some bikini babes tanning by the side of the pool in the process. So — does Tom’s method work? Watch and find out! Ooooooor just keep reading. Yes, it works. At the end of the video Tom even expresses it was so fun that he feels like he’s missed out on all the years of his life he could have been riding coasters but wasn’t, leading at least one idiot who doesn’t know anything about phobias to suspect his wasn’t a REAL phobia. Dum dum dum! “You are.” I 100% am.