Surprise -- I'm gonna cut ya!
Valuable Info: Woman Discusses How To Discretely Carry A Sword In Your Dress

This is a video of Jill Bearup discussing and demonstrating how to carry a sword in the back of your dress in the event you may need to slice and dice your way through a formal gathering. According to Jill, the ideal dress for concealed sword carrying has a relatively low back and some sort of poofiness in the back of the skirt. Personally, I would even go a step further and cover the exposed hilt with my hair, that way– “You can get your hand tangled in your hair reaching for your sword.” My lady! *bowing* I regreteth even making the suggestion. Honestly, I’ve never even handled a sword without requiring immediate emergency medical attention.

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  1. Deksam
    They should just grow really long thick hair and do not roll it up! Cause that could BUN UP the whole assassination attempt.