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Video Of A Gigantic 2,300-Robot Grocery Order Packing Warehouse

This is a rather fascinating video of explainer of things Tom Scott visiting a grocery packing warehouse in the southeast of London, where 2,300 robots are constantly on the move gathering and packing bags of groceries for delivery to customers. The facility, the size of seven football (soccer?) fields, contains over 58,000 different products in bins beneath the large metal grid the robots move on. The robots, which move at a top speed of 14km/h (~8.7MPH) and pass between 5mm of each other, gather products from below using a grabber, and are responsible for moving over a million products a day between them all. Pretty wild. For reference, I don’t buy groceries at all and grow all my own food. “He lives entirely off of ultra-processed energy bars.” Honey! “What?” Honestly I feel like they make me more tired and gassy than energized.