So, we've come to this
Real Products That Exist: The Red Lobster x Mountain Dew ‘DewGarita’

Because there’s no question these are the end times, PepsiCo has teamed up with Red Lobster to create the DewGarita, an unholy margarita made with Mountain Dew. The beverage will be available at all Red Lobster locations by the end of the year, and will allegedly “pair perfectly with Red Lobster’s iconic Cheddar Bay biscuits.” Wait *incredulously shoots chocolate milk out of nose* What?! Talk about jumping the shark. Now as a man who’s no stranger to adding different mixers to tequila to create crappy makeshift margaritas at home, I’ll be the first to admit Mountain Dew isn’t the worst you can do. But it certainly isn’t the best either. 3/10 what is this, a college party? I ordered the Admiral’s Feast!