Not a peep!
Whee, I Am Having Fun Now: Japan Bans Screaming On Roller Coasters To Prevent Coronavirus Spread

This is a video of two of Fuji-Q Highland amusement park’s top executives riding the park’s pride and joy roller coaster Fujiyama while wearing masks, and as stoically as possible to demonstrate just how little fun one can have riding a roller coaster. While amusement parks have reopened in the country, screaming on rides has been banned to help prevent the spread of coronavirus via airborne saliva particulate. The end of the video even encourages visitors to, I kid you not, “Please scream inside your heart.” I thought that’s what everybody has been doing the entirety of 2020 so far aside, that guy on the right needs a better roller coaster riding mask because he is constantly adjusting it the whole time. Still, would I be willing to ride a roller coaster without screaming? Absolutely. Would I be willing to ride one without my hands up the whole time? Never. I’d rather stay home and watch Youtube videos of other people having a good time.