Mmmm, now I want a footlong sub for lunch. And a hotdog. Ooh -- and a stack of pancakes.
Woman Creates Keyboard With All Custom Food Inspired Keycaps

This is a video of keycap artist Tiny discussing the cleverly named ‘Smorgasboard’ keyboard she made that has all food related keycaps crafted out of modeling clay. Most of the foods even represent the key they’re on (ie avocado for A, sushi for S, doughnut for D, french fries for F, etc). That’s fun. Granted it doesn’t look like the most convenient keyboard to type on, but that’s the price you pay for art. I mean unless it’s like a Picasso, then it’s probably millions of dollars or you have to heist it from a museum. I’m just saying, I do have some walkie-talkies and rope and pantyhose in my car if you’re trying to get rich quick.