Ostrich Causes Woman To Have Meltdown At Drive-Thru Safari

Because nature isn’t for everyone, this is a video of TikTok user Chloe B having an absolute meltdown while trying to feed an ostrich at a drive-through safari experience. As far as staying cool, calm, and collected goes, Chloe managed none of the three. That look of pure panic on her face — even the best actor could never reproduce that. To Chloe’s credit though, an ostrich head in your car is certainly terrifying — they’re basically velociraptors with beaks instead of teeth. Also, I think this video is sufficient enough evidence for physiologists to add ‘freakout’ as another viable option in a fight or flight response.

@cocochloeb #ostrichtiktok ♬ original sound – Chloe B

Note: Video HERE in case your browser hates petting zoos.

Thanks to JustA, who agrees it might be best for Chloe to just skip the goats at the petting zoo.