And it goes on for so long.
Woman Screams At Top Of Lungs After Mistaking Man For Clown


This is some home security cam footage of a man walking up a driveway to speak with two women when one of the women, Cheryl, turns around and screams bloody murder because she assumes a terrifying clown is going to be the last thing she ever sees. It’s not a clown though, it’s just a dude with Carrot Top hair and reflective sunglasses wearing what appears to be a cow inspired outfit. Hey, it happens — which is why I’m being wrongfully sued for braining a neighbor with a shovel. I should show this video in court.

@lovelifetogetherhome Scared me! #foryou #foryoupage #part2 ♬ original sound – Cheryl

Note: Video HERE in case your computer is trying to avoid you blowing its speakers with the embed above.

Thanks to JustA, who agrees just standing there screaming should be added as another possibility to the fight or flight response.