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12-Year Old Crushes Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’ On Drums

This is a video of 12-year old British-Zulu drummer Nandi Bushell covering Neil Peart’s percussion on Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’ like she can do this in her sleep. For reference, I can’t do anything in my sleep except have terrifyingly realistic nightmares and accidentally (but thankfully) farting myself awake. Per Nandi:

This one is for you Professor Peart. I wanted to try a @rush song that would really challenge me. I watched an interview where the Professor said Tom Sawyer ‘remains so difficult to play’. So I thought I would give it a try. It’s actually really fun to play. I really hope I have done the song justice, Professor Pearts’ playing is incredible. I hope I got the strength and smoothness balance right. I have a new found love for RUSH now too!

Very nice. You know I was going to perform ‘Tom Sawyer’ on drums in Rock Band but the rest of my bandmates kicked me out of the group before I ever got the chance. I guess that’s what you get for being too big a rockstar. “He made us fail every song before we ever got to a chorus.” Well it’s not my fault the game scores for accuracy and not theatrics.