God, it's always the ginger cat, isn't it?
3 Different Cats Attempt To Navigating A Plastic Cup Minefield

In what I assume was an improvised personality test, this is a short video from TikTok user danil_chernyy of their three cats each attempting to navigate a minefield of plastic cups at the bottom of the stairs. I’m not sure if the order in the video is the actual order they attempted the challenge, but if it is then they’re basically the reverse order of the three little pigs. The first cat very carefully pussyfoots its way through the cups, the second cat does the same until it gets close to the end and makes a leap for it (knocking over a couple cups in the process), and the third cat just meth-blasts its way through all the cups like a cat out of hell and probably has at least one misspelled tattoo, presumably ‘NIME LIVES’.