Not my instant noodles!
6 Experiments In Yakutsk, The Coldest Town On Earth

This is a video of Yakutsk, Russia resident Kiun B performing six experiments to demonstrate just how ungodly cold it is there. Yakutsk is known for recording the lowest temperature outside of Antarctica, at -64.4°C (-83.9°F). For reference, that’s even colder than the coldest witch’s tits, but not something I’d risk motorboating. To demonstrate Yakutsk’s frigidness, Kiun freezes an egg, full bottle of water, uses a frozen banana as a hammer, freezes a cup of instant noodles, wet clothes, and throws boiling water into the air to produce instant ice crystals. I’ll be honest, I don’t want to live there, and if I did live there I would almost certainly set myself on fire and start walking somewhere warmer. I already complain where I live when it drops below 40°F, or below 50°F with a breeze. I’m a delicate flower. One clearly made for USDA plant hardiness zones 9 and 10.