"What in the f*ck is this?! It's so pretty."
78-Year Man Experiences Drive-Thru Carwash For The First Time, Is Blown Away

Note: Some colorful language but his accent is so thick it’s hard to tell.

This is a sweet video of a 78-year old man experiencing a drive-thru carwash for the first time. The man has lived his entire life in a small rural town in Newfoundland, Canada and never had the chance to marvel at the rainbow suds from inside a vehicle being washed. Per his daughter filming:

“We had some snow in early fall and I chose to go to the carwash to get all the snow off. Not knowing that dad had never been in one before, I proceeded and answered his questions along the way. Some of the questions were so funny, like ‘Do we get out now?’ I decided to start to tape him without him knowing. It was so sweet and innocent, the reactions and how he wished he could share it with his friends and his grandfather.”

It’s the little things, you know? Stopping to smell the roses. We take so much for granted, it’s important to adopt an attitude of gratitude and just be thankful for what we do have. Life is too short. *sharpening knife* And even shorter for my enemies.