No I didn't pee my pants, I spilled a soda! I would wipe that seat down though.
A First Person POV Ride On A 0 – 50MPH In 3 Seconds Motorbike Coaster

This is a first person POV ride on a Vekoma motorbike coaster in operation at Toverland in the Netherlands. The coaster launches riders from 0 – 46.6MPH in 3 seconds. And while there are certainly faster coasters and ones with quicker acceleration out there, the motorbike coaster is unique in that you’re actually sitting on a bike with most of your whole upper body free, so you can flail around like a wacky inflatable tube man. That probably makes that 46.6MPH feel like 200MPH. Whee! I still remember the first time I fell out of Space Mountain.