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Cabbage Patch Kids Yarn Hair Hats

I don’t think I ever owned a Cabbage Patch Kids doll, but I did have the playhouse growing up. I got it for like my fifth birthday. This one right HERE. God, I spent so much time in there getting stung by the bees that also called it home. Enter these Cabbage Patch Kids inspired hair hats handmade and sold by Etsy shop nellybeanco. They’re available in sizes from infant to adult and eleven different hair colors so you can finally be the Cabbage Patch Kid you’ve always dreamed of. Me? I always dreamed of being a Ninja Turtle. Still do if I’m being honest. “You should see him swinging a curtain rod pretending he’s Donatello.” Mom! “Makes Star Wars Kid look like a real Jedi.” Don’t you have soap operas you should be watching?