Me? I never cheated, I always went down in a blaze of poorly answered glory.
Cheating Law Student Etches Tiny Answers On Side Of Bic Pens

Because what is practicing law if not the art of lying and cheating, law professor Yolana De Lucchi at the University of Malaga in Spain caught a test-taker trying to cheat during a Criminal Procedural Law exam using information he etched into the side of his Bic pens. Wow. You’d think after all that etching he would have just remembered the information and not needed the pens. Also, who takes a test with 11 pens on their desk? You think that’s what gave him away? Or maybe it was all the squinting at his pens. Apparently the cheater replaced the graphite in a mechanical pencil with a needle to do all the fine etching, and I’m sure his underhanded ingenuity is paying off, because there’s no doubt in my mind he’s a successful lawyer now with billboards all over the highway.

Thanks to JustA, who informed me if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. Go Phillies!