Oh hell no.
China’s ‘Flying Kiss’ Attraction Is Clearly Not For The Acrophobic

Height: it’s my middle name (well, Hite anyways). But despite it, I’m still terrified of them, so China’s ‘Flying Kiss’ attraction in the Wulong Baima mountains near Chongqing is probably not for me. But maybe it’s for you. FaceTime me from the top so I can live vicariously through your incredible bravery. The attraction costs ~$18 to ride and features two 52-meter tall (~170ft) statues, each holding a spinning carousel that rise to their full height from their loading platforms to overlook the 1km cliff they were built on. TRUE STORY: I rode the ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier once and was so terrified I had to squat down on the floor so I couldn’t see how high we were. My girlfriend didn’t handle it much better, although in hindsight all my crying and rocking the gondola yelling “THIS IS HOW WE DIE!” probably got to her.

Keep going for a couple videos of the attraction, the first of which with Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ as the soundtrack.