"Whoa." "What the heck?"
Close Calls: Bow Fisherman Ricochets Arrow Back At Head

This is a short video of a Michigan bow fisherman almost catching a dead himself when an arrow ricochets off a log in the water and makes a beeline for his head. In his own words while I replay the video to see if you can hear the fish cheering:

“I have a small business and was making a video to promote my product. When I went to shoot my bowfishing arrow into a log to get it stuck, it bounced back and barely grazed my forehead and went right through my hair.”

So like, what product do you think he was trying to promote? Because my guess is the bow fishing body armor he clearly wasn’t wearing. Admittedly, an effective marketing strategy.

Keep going for the video, with slow motion edit following regular speed.

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  1. Munihausen

    There is a lesson here…

  2. PUNX

    that was the back of the bow the Nock, not saying it wouldn’t have caused damage but not as sharp as the arrow head. You need a fair distance for arrow to travel, he was too close.

  3. qcp

    Hunting accidents are the best accidents.

  4. Steve Spivey

    Obviously a really dull point on that arrowhead, otherwise it should have gone in.

  5. FarleyGuy