"His feet must be ripe."
Hey Boo Boo!: Bear Startles Unaware Man When It Takes A Bite Of His Shoe

This is a video captured by a hiker on Mount Rainer in Washington of a bear that approached an unaware man laying half in and half out of his tent when the bear takes a liking to the man’s shoes and allegedly tries to take a bite out of one, startling the man, who startles the bear, who makes a run for the safety of the woods. Honestly, I really like how these guys filming did absolutely nothing about the situation besides speak in whispers and film it. That is just some A+ quality humanitarian work right there.

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  1. Deksam

    Time to shoe shoe! Boo Boo!!

  2. ML-K

    Love the friend filming and not warning dude about potential Revenant.

    1. abcdefgjklmnopqruvwxyz

      “Friend” probably put peanut butter on the shoe for some YouTube $$$.