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Come Do My Driveway: Kid Plows Snow With Modified Power Wheels

This is a video of 5-year old Parker doing some snow plowing thanks to a Power Wheels Chevy Silverado modified by his dad. Must be nice. For reference, when I was Parker’s age my parents would lock me out of the house with a shovel (for digging holes, not even a snow shovel) and not let me back inside until the entire driveway was shoveled, and it was a quarter-mile long. You ever had to build and sleep in an igloo to prevent freezing to death at night? Because I have. “He grew up in Alabama, we rarely even had any snow.” Dad! “What?” I was trying to get these people to throw me a pity party. Please tell me somebody at least brought noisemakers and cake.

Thanks again to MSA, who informed me Parker here did a better job than the company her development hired.