Crash Testing Old Cars Into Newer Models: There Can Be Only One

This is a video of several crash tests being conducted, pitting older model cars versus newer ones. Some more info while I remember to tape my bumper back on before my next state inspection. It’s all a racket!

Unfortunately, as a vehicle ages, a number of factors come into play that reduce the automobiles safety, aside from mechanical wear and tear. According to statistics, a driver is 10 times as likely to suffer fatal injuries in a collision while operating a 30-year-old vehicle versus a late model. The auto industry is continually working to improve the safety of current mechanisms, as well as developing and testing new ideas for safer vehicles. Developments in driving technology and new types of airbags have been prevalent just this year.

I learned a lot by watching the video. Mostly, that new cars are designed to crumple and absorb as much energy as possible to prevent damage to the passenger compartment, and old cars were designed to crumple right into all your vital organs. The more you know.