My young impressionable ears!
History Professor’s Off The Rails Intro To His Class Speech

Note: Plenty of profanity. Really good stuff too.

UPDATE: Professor has since been suspended due to video, and is threatening to sue if not reinstated.

This is a video of Ferris State University history professor Dr. Mehler’s welcome to my class Zoom speech. It’s moving. Moving in the direction of dropping his class while you still can. Or maybe I actually want to take it, I still can’t tell. He begins with a few very choice words for the administration, followed by calling all students vectors of disease he doesn’t want anywhere near him (valid, he wears a specially filtered space helmet to avoid infection). He then proceeds to explain that he grades by the Calvinist doctrine of predestination, assigning all students grades randomly before the first day of class, only looking at their student number. Lastly, he discusses attendance, how coming to class isn’t value-add at all, and how he views anybody who does come to class as someone who doesn’t care if their own grandpa lives or dies (via potential COVID transmission). All this smattered with calling everyone profane names. Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. Need a TA?

keep going for a three minute cut of the video, as well as the full 14-minute TED Talk.

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