"She just got divorced."
Dog Testing Head Aerodynamics In Convertible

This is a video of a Gilbert, Arizona poodle out for a Sunday drive and living its best life riding shotgun in an old Lexus SC 430, letting the wind shape its mane like a rocket in a wind tunnel. Live your best life — that’s the message here. We only get one, you might as well make it the absolute best you can. TL;DR I just bought a convertible. “Mid life crisis?” Realistically more like 9/10ths life crisis.

@rachelbentleyy Casual Sunday afternoon drive #dogsofttiktok #convertible #fyp #funny #ridingdirty #arizona #gilbertaz #doglife ♬ original sound – ✨Just vibe✨

Note: TikTok video HERE in case the embed doesn’t work for you.

Thanks to JustA, who usually drives (making me the dog) while I copilot and answer any questions we have by looking them up on my phone.