My God I hated that game.
Finally, Star Wars Chewbacca And Baby Yoda Versions Of Hasbro’s Operation Game

What took so long, right? These are the Star Wars Chewbacca and The Child versions of Hasbro’s Operation game (both available on Amazon for $19, Chewbacca here, The Child here). Man, what a traumatizing game that was to play as a child with existing anxiety issues. Of course new versions of Operation run on only two AA batteries. When I was a kid the game took two D’s to help ensure you had your first heart attack by five. That thing buzzed and shook so violently you legitimately thought you were being shocked. “We had to hide the game from him because he would always pee his pants and run away crying.” Mom! “What?” I was just rally uupset I would never be a doctor.

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