*seductively* Just beam me, Scotty.
Finally, Some Decent Star Trek Uniform Inspired Bedding

This is the Star Trek uniform inspired bedding created by Character World. Available only in twin size for an extra challenge while making all the love you’re definitely about to while wearing prosthetic Vulcan ears, there’s a blue Star Trek: Discovery command set available on Amazon (~$35), as well as a red Star Trek: The Next Generation command set available on eBay for around $60 (including shipping, it appears most are shipping from the UK). Each includes a reversible duvet and pillow sham with uniform theme on one side, and little Starfleet insignias on the other. So, which would you rather make love on? “On, or TO?” Hoho, sounds like we’ve got a Starfreak Academy graduate in our midst! I like that. I’d never sit on your bed, but I like that.