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Remotely Operated Robot Developed For Jamming COVID-19 Test Swabs Up Noses

In ‘Did you really have to use the medical head with the exposed flesh?’ news, this is a video about the potential use of a remotely operated robotic system developed by the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials that could collect COVID-19 test samples without the risk of exposure to a health care worker. Some more info about the system while I painfully reminisce about the time I got a Hot Wheels wheel stuck up my nose and had to go to the doctor to have it removed:

patients place their head against a stabilizing brace, and then a healthcare worker can guide the swab in remotely using a joystick and a special controller that guides in the swab. A monitor provides live video of the procedure, along with a graph of the force being applied

Is there no way to elect to just collect the sample yourself? I mean I can get all the way back in there right next to my brain. Check this out *bends pointer finger, pretends to dig in nose all the way up to knuckle* No — nothing? The kids love that one. What about th– “Please not the removable thumb trick.” MY VERSION IS A WORK OF ART.