I just wish they had squishy gel insoles so they FELT like poop too, you know?
Finally, Some Well Reviewed Poop Emoji Slippers

Because dreams really do come true occasionally, these are the Cute Poop Emoji Plush Slippers manufactured by YINGGG and available on Amazon for $20. Perhaps most shockingly, the US size 5 – 8 slippers have 4.5/5 stars with 272 reviews. Obviously, these are not the shitty slippers I was expecting. I mean I thought these were going to be some real turds, but clearly these things have been polished. I just bought a pair and I can’t wait for my roommate to tell me it looks like I just stepped in shit. After the laughter finally subsides what feels like an eternity later I’ll tell him I he has to move out or I’m afraid I might stab him. Well, maybe not afraid.

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Thanks to Amelie, who agrees they should have made them scented too.