Mmmm, leftover burrito.
Food Tossed From Oil Platform Sparks Feeding Frenzy

These are several videos of oil rig worker Hector Zert tossing leftover food into the water and watching the feeding frenzy fish balls that ensue. The fish just bee-line it straight towards the food and start swarming. Pretty sure I saw some sharks getting in on the action too. I could never work on an oil platform. The thought of being out there surrounded by nothing but ocean and sharks makes my palms sweaty just thinking about it. Feel them. Feels like they’re covered in lube, doesn’t it? They are, but they’re sweating underneath, might just be hard to tell.

@hectorzert if you listen closely you can hear them splashing the water ,what’s next ?? #oilrig #foryoupage #fypシ ♬ original sound – Out at sea

@hectorzert A little closer for the ones asking for a upclose look!!! #oilrig #fypシ ♬ original sound – Out at sea

@hectorzert You guys went crazy on the cooments hahaha but here is a little up closer #oilriglife #fyp #ofshorelife ♬ original sound – Out at sea

Thanks again to JustA, who informed me she’s pretty sure she spotted Nemo and Dory in there.