Liquor Store Employee Bested By Box Of Bottles

This is a video of a liquor store employee checking a box of bottles when those bottles realizes this is their chance at freedom and all leap to the floor, spilling their guts everywhere in the process. I like how he half-heartedly tries and fails to catch even a single bottle. I can see now why he’s not an NFL receiver. Plus the Birkenstocks. Really hard to run in those things, especially from the cops. TL;DR: I need character witnesses at court on Friday.

@liquorstore352 They just keep coming…#baddayatwork #brokenbottle #spilledmilk #delivery #gingerbeer #fuck #shit #dammit #roar #liquorstorescene #bottleshop ♬ original sound – Liquor Store 352

Thanks to JustA, who agrees he should charge the next patron $1 to lick up as much as they can, and throw in all the broken glass for free.