Not today, death!
GoPro’s Top 10 Scariest Moments Caught On Their Cameras

This is a video from GoPro counting down what they believe to be the 10 scariest moments captured by their products. Are they the same 10 I would have chosen? Of course not, but we all find different things scary. Me? Heights, AND THAT’S ALL. A list of all the moments with timestamps in case you want to skip (but not sleep) around:

0:23 High-speed hydroplane boat crash from H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes 🚀
0:38 Rafael Bridi highlining between Hot Air Balloons 🎈🎈
1:09 Lukas Reilly meets a wild Orca Whale on his SUP πŸ‹
1:40 Skiing into a crevasse with Jaimie Mullner β›·
2:56 GoPro Athlete Jason Paul’s handstand atop a skyscraper πŸ™
3:26 Geddy Pratt clears the canyon on a MTB 🚲
3:56 GoPro Athlete Kai Lenny gets caught on the inside while surfing at Nazaré 🌊
4:54 Andy Lewis has a parachute malfunction while BASE jumping πŸͺ‚
4:59 The longest 4-wheel vehicle jump attempt with Guerlain Chicherit πŸš—
7:34 Johan Potgieter goes face-to-face with a Great White Shark while spearfishing 🦈

I would argue these were not in fact the scariest moments caught on GoPros because the real scariest moments ended in actual alien abduction or getting eaten by a giant spider, so the footage was never recovered. These are just 10 relatively scary moments that had happy endings. And you know how I feel about happy endings. “They ruin movies.” I wanna cry my eyeballs out or not watch it.